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Thomas (TJ) Wright (Founder & CEO) is a former NFL player, founder of Empire Technologies, and inventor of the Locator1 intelligent phone case. Thomas has  10 years in consumer products, wearables, product design, fashion design, marketing, sales, distribution, management, partnerships and fundraising.

Donna Fabian (Founder & COO) is a registered patent attorney specializing in startups, intellectual property, and technology licensing. Donna is a mechanical engineer, product designer, entrepreneur, and business strategist with 10 years of experience in nanotechnology, materials science and manufacturing, semiconductor devices, polymer chemistry, lithium batteries, fuel cells, photovoltaics, sensors, biotechnology, medical devices, electronics, software, hardware, networks, and various consumer products and services.

Tim Worley is the former VP at Trek Aerospace and co-creator of the Springtail personal flying vehicle, OVIUWUN unmanned aerial vehicle, and Dragonfly versatile manned, remote, or unmanned vehicle. Tim has spent 25 years of experience in technology and product development, electrical and computer engineering, computing and programming, data acquisition, applied physics, electronics, controllers, fighter aircraft, semiconductor manufacturing, and medical equipment. Tim served in the US Air Force working on F-15 fighter and A-10 attach planes.

Luke Workman is a brilliant engineer and one of the world's leading experts in electric vehicle battery systems.  Luke is the brains behind the advanced power systems deployed by the world's best selling electric motorcycles (Zero Motorcycles) and he has worked on power systems for numerous electric vehicles.  More here:  http://insideevs.com/the-luke-workman-battery-interview-insideevs-take/

Ron Palermo is an inertial sensors and flight control systems expert and a former US Air Force Pilot with 25 years of experience in aerospace, defense, engineering, advanced airframes, high performance/end computing, engineering management, sales, and business development. Ron provides systems design expertise to numerous organizations including Xilinx, United Technologies, Google, and NASA.  Ron was the founder and CTO of Directional Sciences Inc. (advanced guidance, navigation, and control systems), and has served as Business Development Director at both Silicon Sensing and Crossbow Technology. In the US Air Force, Ron served as Major Weapons System Program Manager for the B-1B Strategic Bomber, AC-130U Gunship, OV-10 Forward Air Controller Aircraft, and Rockwell X-30 National Aerospace Plane.

Guido Carballo Guerrero is a mechanical and automation engineer with a Masters degree in Dynamic Systems & Control specializing in Artificial intelligence. Guido has over 10 years of experience in electronic circuit design, computer programming, software development, , algorithms, robotics, mechatronics, process automation, manufacturing, microcontrollers, encryption and decryption. Guido has worked at NASA's Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory, Panduit, XMobots (unmanned aerial vehicles), Gemito, Smart Widgets, and Imerys.

Kuldip Ahluwalia is an applied physicist, serial entrepreneur, and advisor with deep expertise in technology, transportation, aviation, manufacturing, marketing, and management.  He has helped lead Fortune 100 companies like GE and Toshiba become industry leaders.

Viet Le is a design engineer and materials science expert with experience at SpaceX.

John McInnis is a designer with experience at leading electric motorcycle companies Lightning Motorcycles and Alta Motorcycles.

Rob Bulaga is the co-founder and President of Trek Aerospace.  Rob is an aeronautical and astronautical engineer specializing in propeller propulsion systems, structural design, CFD analysis, performance analysis, component testing, and flight-testing.

Darnell Kemp is an investor/advisor and MIT engineer with expertise in product development, manufacturing, business development, and venture capital.